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Section 109 – Notes on the Cavs/Suns

December 22, 2009

Amare Stoudemire — excuse me, Amar-apostrophe-E — is ridiculously overrated. Does he ever play defense? Does he ever pass? Last year, a lot of fans thought the Cavs should have traded for him. I would rather have Channing Frye any day, who the Cavs tried to get in the offseason. If you have a Frye or a Bosh to score from the four-spot, you can play Andy at center. Plus, the Cavs will have Powe and Hickson down low next year, too.

You know who really amazes me on the Suns? Of course, Nash, but how about Grant Hill? What is he, about 63? How many leg injuries, about 63? But he’s a heady player who knows exactly where he should be and what his body can still do for his team. A future coach?

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