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Section 109: Cavs versus the Ghosts of Sacto

December 23, 2009
Sacramento, home of the Conan the Governator. A place where the Cavs should have a nice visit, scrap out a win and move on to LA. Will they stay focused and do it?
The Kings are haunted by guys who are on their payroll but are contributing little to nothing. Kevin Martin is out with a broken wrist until January. Great news for the Cavs, because the last time I saw him play in Cleveland, he smoked the Cavs from outside. He can shoot right over Mo and Delonte, and his sweet spot for shooting is, uh, everywhere.
The other ghosts are spirits of basketball past (like my Christmas reference?) including Kenny Thomas, Sean May, Shareef Adbur-Rahim and Desmond Mason. Yes, they actually still owe Mason $65,000. Someone should ask K-Mart if he’s got some change in his wallet and pay it off. So the Kings will see 16-plus million come off their payroll when these four contracts expire at the end of the season. Think the Maloofs will spend any of it resigning one of these guys? Just kidding.
Tonight the Cavs should start with the usual feeds into the middle so Shaq can soften up the lane against Spencer Hawes and Kenny Thomas, the Kings’ centers. Hawes is almost as skinny as Kevin Martin, so look for Shaq to finish and shoot fouls.
The Kings have defensive help for their centers in the form of Jason Thompson and Andres Nocioni. Let’s hope Delonte is feeling good tonight and can take the lead in shutting down Tyreke Evans.
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