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Section 109: James would choose to play for the Clippers? Please…

December 24, 2009

I don’t want to use my posts just to respond to other writers, but I have to comment on Mike Monroe’s thoughts on LeBron possibly signing with the Clippers. He wrote the other day about how they have a lot of ballers on the Clips roster now, possibly better than what the Cavs, Knicks or Nets can offer. Why do people continue to assume that Danny Ferry can’t bring in free agents or make trades to improve the team around LeBron? Did Cleveland draft Moon, Williams, Parker, Shaq, Delonte? Hmm…oh yeah, they came in trades and FA signings.

The Clippers have some interesting talent in their lineup. I’ve always liked Chris Kaman and Eric Gordon. Blake Griffin has tremendous upside. But Monroe mentions Davis, who is on the downward slope of his career and undersized journeyman Sebastian Telfair as teammates that would attract LeBron. You sure? So far, this year’s “interesting” roster has yielded a 12-16 record. Wow, the Clippers are dominating Golden State in the standings.

Out of town writers like Monroe always mention how many celebrities LeBron could rub elbows with if he played in LA or New York or Miami or wherever-that’s-not-Cleveland. I wonder, if that’s such a big draw, why does LeBron live in Akron now? He doesn’t even own a vacation home, as far as I know. If he wanted to, I think he might be able to afford the payments on a condo in West Hollywood or a co-op in Manhattan. Maybe even a second car.

Finally, look at what Dan Gilbert has done as owner the Cavs in a few short years. He has brought in the right people, set a tone for achievement and mapped out a plan for success. Then look at what Donald Sterling has NOT done in decades as the owner of the Clippers. He has a track record of getting high draft picks, because his teams are perpetually bad. Most players can’t wait to leave the organization. Which owner do you think LeBron would prefer?

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