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Section 109: Wake up, the Kings/Cavs game is on!

December 24, 2009

The Cavaliers west coast road trip, brought you by Starbucks coffee, NoDoz tablets, and Vivarin. A 10pm EST start, and then overtime?

Unbelieveable finish, though. Z standing in the corner, calmly stroking three straight treys. Mo was big in this game – stepped up when the Cavaliers needed that second scorer to take the pressure of LeBron. Not only was Cleveland getting killed on the offensive boards, the dribble penetration by Tyreke Evans, Beno Udrih, and Donte Green was going unchallenged. This is an ongoing problem with the Cavs. Maybe it was road fatigue, but come on, get a little more physical or something. Show some hard fouls, like the brick wall Shaq gave to Evans in the fourth quarter. Stop letting guys drive the lane.

Kings rookie Evans is scary good. Think about this — they have Kevin Martin on the IR, and he was averaging 30-plus points a game when he got injured. When he comes back, K-Mart and Evans should be the Kings’ starting backcourt. Add in the brother from Israel, Omri Casspi, who tossed in 14 points in the first half alone, and you have a potent offense, to put it mildly. Include Jason Thompson and they have a good nucleus there. Plus they have a really good coach in Westphal. Finally, they have a lot of expiring contracts that they will dump at the end of the season or in February at the trade deadline (see my previous Section 109 post). Interesting team developing in Sacto.

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