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Section 109: 1,000 monkeys with typewriters write NBA schedule

December 25, 2009

I was ruminating yesterday on how cruel the NBA schedule has been to the Cavs the first couple of months of the season, and about to write a blog post about it. Then I read and find Brian Windhorst wrote about the same thing. Well, if I’m going to be scooped, at least it’s by one of the best beat writers covering the NBA.

What Windy didn’t include in his analysis is that the Celtics had as easy a schedule as the Lakers, if not more so. It’s ironic that the team that had the biggest roster changes, the Cavs, had the worst schedule to start the season. And yet, Cleveland has a comparable record and winning percentage to both of them. Here’s a snapshot:

Celtics 22-5 (.815)
home: 10-4
away: 12-1
Back-to-backs: 6 (2 in December)
Lakers 23-4 (.852)
home: 16-2
away: 7-2
Back-to-backs: 7 (5 in December)
Cavs 22-8 (.733)
home: 11-2
away: 11-6
Back-to-backs: 11 (4 in December, 2 in the last 11 days, two in five days to start the season!)

So the Cavs have played three more games, a ridiculous number of B2B games, twice as many road games as the Lakers. And yet 22 wins. Of course, the league scheduling “experts” will point out how much easier the Cavs schedule will be the second half of the season. That’s true, and we will relish that. But why should any team in the league have to deal with this kind of disparity, mr. “expert?” Anyway, scheduling is the topic of a rant for another day. The bottom line today is the Cavs find ways to win, as champions do.

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  1. December 25, 2009 3:45 pm

    Wow! That is a great posting! Love the headline but your breakdown gives me hope that the Cavs will continue to improve. I can’t believe 11 back to backs! That’s an insanely high percentage since we’re only about a third of the way into the season, meaning the Cavs have had to play a third of their games back to back while the Lakers and Celtics are just over 20%.

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