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Joe Bo’s College Quiz: Chris Spielman Offers Compassion, Insight on Meyer Resignation In Just One Line

December 26, 2009

By Joe Bodolai

The news broke during the game between Pitt and North Carolina and the camera was on the booth. As ESPN announcers Bob Griese and Reece Davis floundered while speculating about the reason for Urban Meyer’s sudden and shocking resignation as University of Florida head coach, former Buckeye great Chris Spielman listened to what his colleagues thought as the news unfolded. While other speculated as to ”where“ he was going, Spielman seemed to know the reason immediately. He immediately seized on Meyer’s comment about his health and said ”believe me, I know something about this,” referring to the loss of his wife Stephanie to cancer earlier this year. He hardly had to say more as the image of a family struggling with such a huge challenge became crystal clear.

At the studio break a few moments later, one of Meyer’s chidren was reported to have said “now we’ll have our daddy back.” It took a Buckeye great to express the compassion for this Florida legend. Classy as always, that’s Chris Spielman.

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