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Joe Bo’s College Quiz: Smart People Examine PSU Party People

December 26, 2009


The excellent public radio series This American Life spent the entire hour in Happy Valley. It’s available as a free podcast download at the iTunes Store or at and if you want to know what life at a big time Big Ten tailgate or frat party is like this show will get you in. So preload with Nati Lite or Vlad,  put on your beer jacket,and be sure bring a fracket. Buckeyes’ fans may be interested to know that after OSU’s win in November sales of Penn State merchandise dropped by 20%.

As a public service, this post includes its own glossary for non-tailgaters:

Preload: To drink at home before going out. It’s cheaper.

Nati Lite:  Full name is Natural Light, the most popular campus beer because of price. Universally regarded as ”terrible.”

Vlad or Vladdy: Vladimir Vodka, the cheapest available. Also serves as cheap paint thinner.

Fracket: An old jacket or hoodie worn to frat parties usually to be lost and/or vomited on. Mainly worn by girls in micro-mini tube dresses to facilitate free drinking.

You gotta listen to this show. It has some serious parts to it, like vandalism, fights, deaths, arrests, and more.

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