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Section 109: Let’s Review the Tape, Lakers

December 26, 2009

One task on my to-do list for the day after Christmas is watch my favorite gift: a DVR recording of the Cavs statement win over the Whiners — I mean the Lakers. The first time through, I will be soaking in the thorough dismantling of the Lakers offense by the Cavs. Does anyone among the hundreds of thousands of readers of Erie View recall me writing, “Cleveland needs to stop the dribble penetration with a hard foul now and then.” I’m paraphrasing an older post, but the gist of the comment was: get more physical in the lane. Apparently the Cavs coaching staff started reading me this week.

By the way, L.A., a hard foul is a legitimate part of the game of pro basketball. A cheap foul, like pushing Mo Williams from behind when he doesn’t have the ball, is not. As I savor my second replay of the game, I will be tallying all the alleged injustices committed against both teams. Before I even hit the play button, the score is six black marks for the Lakers.

I’ll give the final word of this post to Jeff Van Gundy, the game analyst for the broadcast last night. When he wasn’t trying to be funny, at one point he said, “The outcome of this game has nothing to do with the quality of the officiating.”

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  1. December 26, 2009 2:03 pm

    I did like when the Lakers fans booed. It shows just how much it bothered them how badly the Cavs outplayed them.

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