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Joe Bo’s College Exam: Boston College Loses To Officials, USC and Own Recruiting

December 27, 2009

Uses Minor League Baseball Pitcher Instead of Real Quarterback

By Joe Bodolai

If it had been a baseball game, Boston College quarterback Dave Shinskie was unable to find the strike zone. Completing just 42% of his “passes”, the former Toronto Blue Jays farmhand set the Emerald Bowl record for wild pitches in a game with… too many to count. Passes that missed wide-open receivers by yards and other passes were so off the mark it was unclear as to the identity of the intended receiver.

Surely the weather was not ideal. The game started in cold and rain, and USC’s uniforms hadn’t been this wet since, oh wait, their flopsweat against Arizona. Pete Carroll’s mancrush Matt Barkley did throw two of his usual interceptions and two TDs, with his stats inflated by his receivers making major yards after the catch.

The Eagles were led by Montel Harris, who rushed for 102 insanely hard yards due to playing through an injury. The highlight play of the night was Girard, Ohio’s Marcellus Bowman’s 40 yard interception, especially when compared to the over-hyped USC safety Taylor Mays’ pathetic inability to read a lane on BC’s Rich Gunnell, who turned what should have been a ten yard gain into a 61-yard touchdown. Hey, NFL, are you really sure that Mays is a first-round pick or is it just you Mel Kiper?

The officiating was ridiculously biased in favor of USC, with even the ESPN announcers suppressing clear shock. Two crucial calls on the field were not overturned despite “indisputable video evidence”. One, a long supposed completion was clearly out of bounds on the BC six-yard line and the other on a kickoff by BC where the USC player clearly touched the ball and kicked it forward to allow it to be recovered by BC was overturned. This call had as much backroom spin on it you’d think the booth was reviewing the Zapruder film.

All in all, a team with a real quarterback would have won – in a game with real officials.

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