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Joe Bo’s College Exam: Cincinnati Thanks Herbie for Bulletin Board Material

December 27, 2009

ESPN’s Herbstreit Says “Florida Will Now Destroy Cincinnati”

By Joe Bodolai

Former Ohio State quarterback and current ESPN College Football frontman Kirk Herbstreit may have inadvertently amped up animosity between the Bearcats and Buckeyes. In an attempt to describe the level of motivation the Florida Gators will have to win departing coach Urban Meyer’s last game, he chose to predict a result (“the Gators will destroy Cincinnati”) rather than just diplomatically describe the level of emotion and desire for the Gators to go out with a win for their coach, leaving due to health concerns.

With his comments, Herbie provides the Bearcat players and fans with what used to be called “bulletin board material,” but is surely Twittered like Twitterin’ fools Twitter da tweets.

It’s not like Cincinnati didn’t have motivation — to show up their own departing coach, who, unlike Meyer will not be coaching in the Sugar Bowl. Brian Kelly accepted the head coaching job at Notre Dame and many of his former players felt he was dishonest and abandoned them. They wanted to prove that they were the reason they were undefeated. They now got extra motivation.

Clearly, Cincinnati now has no chance now as “America” will want to see Tim Tebow and his disciples put on the Biblical Eye Black and John 13:10 the crap out of the Bearcats. I’m sure there is a large portion of fundamentalist America who think that with a decisive 40-point win Tebow could actually heal the sick.

Frankly, I think Herbie’s right. Florida has motivation enough coming off the loss to Alabama. He’s stating what tonight seems like one of those things you think but should not say other than in a bar and not on national television.

Meanwhile, another coach in his last game, with former players from several generations returning to celebrate his remarkable career, will be overshadowed by the Gators’ soap opera melodrama. Bobby Bowden, with, oh, maybe 300 more wins than Meyer, will likely be treated as an opening act. Mrs. Bowden, here’s your microphone.

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