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Joe Bo’s College Exam: Some Closing Thoughts on the College Football Season

January 7, 2010

By Joe Bodolai © All rights reserved

It was another great season, with the usual heartbreaking games and surprises, culminating in a great bowl season. Here are some things that have come to mind for me as the cheerleaders take their pom poms to the hardwood.

· The unseasonably cold weather in the bowl game locations of the Sunbelt demonstrated that bowl games are essentially home games for warm weather teams.

· The Big Ten proved that the myth of their ”lack of speed and athletes“ should be put to rest. Watching the Buckeyes, Badgers, Nittany Lions, and Hawkeyes speed past teams from the “speedy” SEC, PAC-10, and ACC was big time ”I rest my case.“

· The Big Ten only went 4-3 in bowl season, but let’s examine the numbers a little more closely. The four top teams were undefeated, beating Oregon, LSU, Miami, and Georgia Tech, all ranked in the top 15.

· The Big Ten will likely have three teams in the postseason final rankings. Ohio State could be as high as four or five, with Iowa and Penn State just behind. Wisconsin will likely be in the top 20.

· Terrelle Pryor and Jim Tressel showed more versatility than America could believe. Oregon has 18 starters back. Rematch anybody? Maybe in the last game of January 2011?

· USC finished unranked, yet ESPN hired Pete Carroll as an ”expert analyst“ for tonight’s national championship game. Oh, wait, USC and ESPN are business partners on the Trojans website ”“.

· And finally, anybody who continues to suggest that male cheerleaders are gay should look at the evidence. Girls in minis sit on their shoulders with their legs wrapped around their necks, they are positioned below skirts and have their hands all over the girls’ bodies in, of course, a very innocent gymnastic way. Offensive linemen, however, are in the scrum with the neverminds of other ”big uglies“. If I had a choice, give me a megaphone and the cheesy onesy.

· See you in April for the NFL draft. Let’s see which college star becomes a Cleveland Brown.

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