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Section 109: DVR Saves Third Quarter and More

January 12, 2010

How did I survive the Cavaliers West Coast road trips, with their late night broadcasts, before I got a DVR? One thing is for sure, I slept through a lot of second half action back in the day. Now it’s the 21st Century, and I wake up in the morning and watch nearly the whole game while enjoying coffee and breakfast. If you man the fast-forward button carefully, you can watch most of an NBA game in about an hour. That includes rewinding to watch a highlight here and there.

What about those highlights? We got the usual package of LeBron highlights, with the King outrunning the track team that is the Warriors and making baskets. My fave was a break where he cut to the left edge of the key at full speed and with his outstretched right arm, lifted a layup onto the glass. He was outside the lane.

The great thing about the game was the highlights were spread across the entire roster, all the way down to underused Daniel Gibson, stepping onto the floor cold and sinking his first three-pointer. Rewind to Z sinking yet another trey; Shaq working the baby hook; JJ scoring five points in about five seconds; Jawad draining threes and poking away balls on offense; Delonte with a couple beautiful dribble drives against the marshmallow G-State defense.

I’d like to burn the video of the third quarter onto a DVD and send it to the Cavs hotel in Utah, with a note, “Watch this, and repeat.” The ball movement and help defense were overwhelming for a full ten and a half minutes. Um, wait a minute, aren’t quarters 12 minutes long?

Yes, but for some reason, the Cavs shifted into idle and let up and let the shot-happy Warriors catch them in the last couple minutes, and the lapse continued in the fourth. Did the Cavs just hit the wall energy-wise? Who knows, but I hope they didn’t have a collective “We’ve got this one in the bag” sigh. The intensity was great for most of the third — I wish the Cavs could DVR that energy into their brains and play it back every game.

Speaking of intensity, Corey Maggette continues to be one of the most effective and underrated players in the game. I guess that’s what happens when you spend a big chunk of your career in Siberia — I mean, the L.A. Clippers organization. Maggette’s easy to overlook, until you see him overpowering guys and making shots that you think are out of his range. He completely handled Jawad Williams and Hickson when they switched onto him. His reward for his great play was LeBron picked him up at the end of the game on defense, then pounded him in the post for about four easy scores.

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  1. January 12, 2010 7:33 pm

    Wow, outstanding. I couldn’t see the game but your writing was vivid and fast-paced so I kinda did after all. By the way, if you DVR an NFL game, you can watch it in twelve minutes!

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