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Section 109: NBA shootaround

January 15, 2010
  • Twenty-one – That’s the number that sank the Cavs last night, the number of turnovers they gave up to the Utah Jazz. There were fourteen in the first half alone – too many turnovers by a first-place team. Then there’s the other number – 23, the number of the guy who put the Cavs on his back in the fourth quarter and carried them to a win, after a sloppy – oh, wait, I wrote that lead two minutes too early. Damn.
  • This was a streaky game without much rhythm from either team. The Cavs and Jazz each had several runs of 10 points or more. When the Cavs make a run like that, why does it seem they let up as a group, as if the game was over? It seems they did the same thing in Denver the other night.
  • Mo Williams and Anthony Parker were a combined 6-18 shooting last night. So there was really not one minute of playing time available for Daniel Gibson? I know there are concerns about matching him up against big guards, but the Jazz guards are not huge. He could have held his own at the defensive end.
  • This was the Cinderella story for Sundiata Gaines, the D-League guard who came in to play his fifth NBA game of the season when Deron Williams went down. Hits his first three-point shot of the season at the buzzer to win the game. Is that worse than getting blown out by 20, or better?
  • Kevin O’Connor does a great job of identifying role players like Gaines. That’s important as the Jazz rarely are bad enough to get high draft picks.
  • Last night the Cavs were +7 with their own Cinderella story, Jawad Williams, on the court. He had 10 points and two boards in 22 minutes. The two shots he missed were treys. For the season Cavs are +13 when he’s playing. Seems Danny Ferry knows how to fill out a roster, too.
  • Would you sign Carlos Boozer as a free agent this summer? I’d do it in a minute. The past is the past; he jerked the Cavs around, but when you’re young and people are waving money at you, bad things can happen. Besides, owners and general managers move players around like stocks and bonds, so why shouldn’t players be mercenary sometimes. At least he hasn’t pulled out his guns on a teammate, right? Viewed from outside the bank vault, Boozer is a double-double machine. You could move Andy to the post and between Andy, LeBron, Boozer and Hickson, the Cavs could dominate the boards. Even without Z or Shaq. Plus, you don’t have to run plays for Carlos, he just scores. He scores more off the offensive glass than Zydrunas.
  • I’m looking forward to the Cavs getting angry and taking it out on the Clippers on Saturday. I usually can find a little sympathy in my heart for perpetually bad teams. Not this one. Donald Sterling to me is as bad as Ted Stepien.
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  1. January 15, 2010 8:04 pm

    I was just asking myself “what happened with the Cavs?. Now I know. I’ll have to TiVo the Clippers game here in LA as I’m going to a play but the Clippers are playing Clippefyingly bad basketball as usual.

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