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Joe Bo’s Shocking Proposal: Change NFL Football to Make it Better On TV

January 17, 2010

Different Clock Rules, Shorter Quarters, More Action

By Joe Bodolai © All rights reserved]

The ugly truth is now out. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article breaking down the actual amount of “action” in an NFL game – 11 minutes! Well, it’s at least four minutes longer than average guys enjoy other “action”.

I find that NFL TV broadcasts are getting more boring, but nothing like watching a game in the stadium. On TV, nearly every time out is a full two and a half minute commercial break with kickass graphics, comedy, high production values. In the stadium, this seems like intermission. Momentum winds down, players and coaches must say “okay…. Where were we?”

I dare the NFL to try, just one time, my proposal to improve football not only on TV, but also live. I don’t know what the results will be, but here’s what I propose.

1. Stop the clock immediately upon a player being tackled or on an incomplete pass, no matter what. Football runs the clock more when players are getting up, walking to a huddle, and standing around than during actual plays. The WSJ found that the average play lasts only four seconds! This would also eliminate the channel-changing “taking a knee” crap in the final minutes. See the CFL for last two minutes excitement. Amazing comebacks are possible in the CFL and should be with my plan.

2. Eliminate the hilarious “Two minute warning?” Um, this is 2010 and the only possible people who might need a “warning” to know that only two minutes are parking lot attendants to get ready for the stadium exodus. “Two minute warning” just means “pointless commercial break to make sure we covered all our bases with sponsors.”

3. Allow 30 seconds only for the offense to put the ball in play again, not 40. Use the huddle shot for on-screen ads if you want.

4. Shorten quarters to – get ready for it – three minutes. But three minutes of football plays actually being run. Three minutes, or 180 seconds, is enough to actually see 45 football plays per quarter. Of course, the new clock rules would mean teams would “eat up the clock” with time consuming offensive plays that involve open field running and not “taking a knee”. Okay, that’s a lot of work for the players, so maybe two minute quarters may be better.

The last is without a doubt the most radical proposal to test. I have no reason to know how or if it will work.

I do know this; there will not be enough time to run the 78 minutes of commercials you watch during a typical three-hour NFL game. And I guess that’s their idea.

So… never mind.

[Editor’s note: if you didn’t see the Journal article, follow this link ]

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