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Section 109: The Worst Addition To The Winning Streak

February 7, 2010

Cavs vs. Knicks, Feb 6, 2010:

Well, LeBron was amazing. Against the Knicks, yeah. The whole offense was great in the first quarter, with good ball movement and distributed scoring. Against the Knicks, yeah. Despite LeBron being on fire with his outside shot, overall I thought the game sucked.

The Cavs were lax on both offense and defense after the first quarter.

They blew 20-plus points off their lead.

No one seemed interested in guarding David Lee (I hope Danny Ferry is interested in signing him as a free agent).

After building a 20-point  lead in the first quarter, the Cavs allowed the Knicks to tie them in second quarter with 30 points. No great defensive team gives up  30 in a quarter to a sub-500 oppponent. For an encore, the Cavs gave up 26 a piece in the third and fourth quarters, on their way to getting outscored 52-39 for the second half. Sure, I know it was only the Knicks, and LeBron won it for the Cavs in the end, but if Cleveland was in control of this game, LeBron shouldn’t have been playing in the fourth quarter.

The coaching staff should start the next practice with a little video, showing the score at the end of the first quarter, and then the score with two minutes left in the game, when the Knicks had closed the gap to three points. Don’t show any of LeBron’s outside shots, don’t show J.J.’s dunks — just two clips of the score.

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