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Section 109: I’m As Interested In The Nets Game As The Cavs Were

February 10, 2010
© 2010
OK, out  a sense of blogging duty, I’ll find some comments on the forgettable Nets game.
Jawad Williams continues to impress with his all-around game. Good defense, heads up passing, outside shot that helped him to 17 points last night. He’s great at receiving passes, too. A lot of inexperienced players have great passes sail through their hands because they weren’t anticipating. He gets it, seems liked a smart well-coached player.
Fred MacLeod is a great TV play-by-play guy, but he has to stop referring to Jawad as “Hot Wad” Williams. I get the tip of the hat to John “Hot Rod” Williams of the Lenny Wilkens-era Cavs. But I’m sorry, “Hot Wad” sounds like a porn star. How about calling him J.W. or something?
I agree with Brian Windhorst, the Nets should have won more than four games by now. They have good young talent. Former All-Star Devin Harris is only 26. Courtney Lee still hasn’t peaked (and I still can’t believe that the Magic gave him up for Vince Carter). Brook Lopez is one of the best young centers in the league in his second year. I also like Chris Douglas-Roberts, Jarvis Hayes and Kris Humphries as bench contributors. I think their deplorable record is what happens when the team president makes the GM become the coach even though he doesn’t really want to coach. Plus, can players really respect a guy named Kiki?
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