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Section 109: Radio Pat Adds His Two Cents

February 22, 2010
Thoughts from Radio Pat, who felt the need to unburden himself on the Erie View masses (I call him Radio Pat because he used to work in sports radio and some names on this blog are changed to protect the innocent, as Joe Friday used to say).
Radio Pat: The only thing worse than losing to the Magic is having Van Gundy and Mark Jackson announce it.
Me: Amen. I thought basketball broadcasting would improve greatly after Bill Walton retired, and it did. Now it’s being dragged down by Jeff Van Gundy, who seems to have a clause in his contract that pays him more when he tries to be funny.
I used to respect Jackson, but he totally lost the little respect I had left with his harping about Varejao flopping. While watching a slow-motion replay of Dwight Howard clearing out Andy with a forearm to the face, Jackson said, “That wasn’t a foul.” I have to check the video, but I swear I could see the mark on Andy’s cheek after the play.
RP: Andy does not want to play center and this could be the real X factor here. That Shaq/Z thing was pretty cool to watch.
Me: Maybe Z is not the player he was a few years ago, but he’s still 7-3, 12-year veteran who can fill the lane and hit outside shots. No one in the league had a better center rotation. Andy is much better when he can roam around more. Pray for a buyout, everyone.
RP: I know both sides can always say this, but the officiating was brutal to the Cavs today.
Me: I mentioned Howard trying to take Andy’s head off. How about the elbow he landed on LeBron? Or the screwup with the shot clock when the Cavs had one second on a baseline inbounds? Some of these refs need to be locked out.
RP: The guards need to score. Parker needs to get better or sit. Mo needs to heal or sit. West….well. Hate to say it, but the team played better with LeBron at the point. I really hate to say that.
Me: Parker has worried me for weeks now. He can’t score and he’s not defending any of the big wings they hoped he could control. Mo will come around, he has to get shots during game time. West has looked rusty the last three games, but he had some good moments in the third quarter against the Magic. Mo, Delonte or Gibson are adequate point guards, but none will make me forget Mark Price or Andre Miller.
RP: Even though it’s only Z that’s gone, how come I feel like the bench is a lot weaker now? I’ll bet it’s because the JJ and Jawad (nice name), AV at center, and Gibson and West doesn’t seem like a lineup that can score.
Me: Not having that Z+Andy dynamic changes the whole unit. Until they get Z back, I think they have to play Jamison with Andy, just to get some front line scoring. JJ can stay with the easy feeds from LeBron and Shaq. Jawad has cooled off offensively, and remember we used to have Jamario Moon? Whatever happened to that guy?
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