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Section 109: The Writer Is Not The Story

April 13, 2010

© Daniel Goldberg

Read the shoddy post at the link below…

…and you will learn that Frank Isola believes the following: Brian Windhorst wants Isola’s job with the NY Daily News; hates Cleveland; only wants to cover LeBron in New York; can’t wait to leave Ohio. Anything else, Frank? Any further insights you want to add to your, um, sports blog?

Sure, I’m not a big shot New York sports commentator, but I did go to a respected journalism school and I worked for print media outlets for years. Here’s something I think I learned in, oh, about my sophomore year in college:

The reporter is not the story.

The well-trained and professional writers who report on sports and comment on sports stay objective, and keep their eyes on the playing field, the athletes and the coaches. Isola’s belief that Windhorst hates Cleveland and is supposedly too close to LeBron? Unsupported opinions — not a story, not even worthy of being labeled commentary. He doesn’t even attempt to dredge up an “unnamed source” to support his personal bias.

It doesn’t matter what Isola has determined Brian Windhorst is thinking about his next career move. Although I’m impressed with Isola’s power’s of telepathy — reading Windhorst’s mind from several states away — it’s not a sports story. Does the average sports fan who scours the Daily News, Plain Dealer, The Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, or any other respectable print or digital outlet care about Isola’s opinions of people he doesn’t respect? I doubt it. They turn to the sports section to read about, you guessed it, sports. It is a disservice to his readers to waste their attention on his subjective views of Windhorst’s motives.

So why does Isola believe his low opinion of Windhorst matters to anyone but Frank himself? Here’s one thought – Frank would like to write something new about LeBron, but he doesn’t have a story. He has nothing to say about LeBron’s impending free agency, and Windhorst does. So instead of trying to maybe pick up a phone and scrape up a some facts from reliable sources, he simply attacks a competing writer. That is classless, low and just plain lazy.

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  1. April 13, 2010 4:43 pm

    Outstanding! The most concise headline says it all!

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