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Welcome to Erie View – The Sports World Seen from Cleveland. Our posts focus on the four major US professional team sports represented in Cleveland: basketball, baseball, football and hockey. There will be frequent forays into the world of college football, which we could argue is the fifth major professional team sport. Also expect some forays into the worlds of minor league baseball and basketball, as well as college hoops. Our primary concern is the four teams from Cleveland: the Cavaliers, the Browns, the Indians and the Monsters (god, I hate that name). From the Erie View, everything else revolves around these teams.

What you are unlikely to read here is anything about the following: golf, soccer, motor sports, extreme sports and mixed martial arts. Golf is only interesting to people who play golf. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t play the game who watches golf voluntarily. Soccer is foreign to most baby boomers. I am a baby boomer, ergo I have nothing interesting to say about soccer. Motor sports are contests between machines and the humans that build them and support them. This blog is about human athletes. Finally, mixed martial arts — this used to be called a bar fight when I was younger. I don’t care if you write up some rules, I don’t care if you call someone a referee, I don’t care what shape the fighting space is, it’s still a bar fight.

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