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Who is Erie View?

Daniel Goldberg bio photo

Dan "Wine And" Goldberg

Dan Goldberg

Born and raised in Cleveland. Blood type: Wine and Gold. Followed his beloved Cavaliers from the Cleveland Arena to the Coliseum to the Gund to the Q — wait, that’s the same building.  Sat through Indians games at Cleveland Stadium in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s. rejoiced when the Tribe moved to the Jake. (Yes, it’s still the Jake in the Erie View.) Cheered insanely at LCS and World Series games in the glorious 90’s. Suffered through the Browns Kardiac Kids seasons and all the mediocre football that surrounded them. Would like a time machine to go back and see the Barons win the Calder Cup.

Joe Bodolai bio photo

Joe Bodolai

Joe Bodolai

Originally from Cleveland but now living in Santa Monica, California, College Football blogger Joe Bodolai has to endure the arrogance and phoniness of USC fans and Los Angeles media on a daily basis. Joe also was one of the founding front office executives of the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club and, as director of information, got a ground floor education in MLB starting with the expansion draft and then their 107-loss first season. Joe takes credit for the Jays drafting Rico Carty, Rick Cerone, Alan Ashby, John Lowenstein, and any other ex-Indian who ever appeared on their roster since he also maintains his long suffering love for the Tribe, the Browns, and the Cavs. Joe attended Division III Allegheny College (national champions just before Mount Union decided to win everything in sight, and then to university in England where the kind of ”football“ they play is so boring the only way to liven it up is with drunken brawls (and don’t even have ten-cent beer nights!). Joe will be here through the BCS National Championship game, the NFL draft and anytime something newsworthy happens in college football.

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